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There is a Search Box above the top left of the databe to search by name.  For best results search by only the first few letters of a name. In many cases these names come from typewriter lists that are not very clearand may be mis-spelled. Click on the "eyeball" at the left of the individual record to see the full record. You can click on a column heading to sort this list by that category; clicking again will sort it the other diriection (A-Z or Z-A). Many of the names with "Date Unknown", or “Before” dates, and places are based on information received from the Air Force Military Personnel Center. They do not release such information to the public. Ancestry.com was the internet link to much additional information. To add or edit people, please download the Crew List Data Form  and after you complete it to the best of your knowlege, even if you only can add a little information, and save it to your computer and submit it either by email or US Mail to either address on the form. The form takes a little time to download. If you have problems with the form, go to the Contact Us page and send me an email with the information you have.
The list of Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons has been moved to the History of Crash Boats. Boat squadrons on the individual's listing are listed with their theater of operation in the table below.
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Records: 801 to 850 of 2810
View Detail Last Name   First Name Branch M.O.S. Boat #1
View Fontenot Charlie USAF
View Foote (Fotte?) Frank AAF
View Foran John
View Ford Elwood AAF Chf. Engineer P-481
View Ford Raymond AAF 927th Boat Co.
View Ford Richard USAF
View Forse Edwin USAF
View Fortenberry Emmett
View Fortin Homer AAF 927th Boat Co.
View Foster Harold AAF
View Foulki Roger
View Foust Paul USAF R-1-667
View Fowble Charles
View Fowler Charles
View Fowler Courtland USAF
View Fowler James AAF
View Fowler William AAF Oiler
View Fox Charles AAF
View Fox Frederick AAF Seaman
View Fox Russell
View Fraiser Charles
View Frank John AAF
View Franklin Luther
View Frankovich Robert USAF Skipper R-1-667
View Fraser Charles USAF
View Frazier Charles
View Frazier Richard
View Frederick William
View Fredrick Leroy
View Freedman Arthur AAF
View Freitag Robert AAF Cook
View French Edward AAF
View French John
View Frenchick H USAF R-1-684
View Friberger Nels USAF R37-1262 or 63
View Friders Thomas
View Friend Ras USAF
View Frigo Mario AAF
View Frings Dennis
View Frye George Navy MM1/MMC C-9472
View Fujiwara Richard
View Fuller Richard AAF Mate P-11
View Fulmer James AAF
View Gaffney Cletus USAF Supply (821)
View Gaffney Lawrence AAF Seaman
View Gaffney Michael
View Galatas John AAF
View Gallagher Francis
View Gallagher James
View Gallup James AAF
Records: 801 to 850 of 2810
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