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While there is a lot of information available on crash boats, it is far from complete, sources conflict, and it is widely dispersed. Below is a list of people and organizations that have provided, directly or indirectly, most of the information I have presented here. The following books have been used as reference, and the following organisations and individuals have assisted in the compilation of this material.  Any omission is unintentional and is regretted.
PUBLICATIONS (Title and Author)
        Apollo's Warriors                                                                                    Michael E. Haas
        Air-Sea Rescue 1941-1952                                                                    Frank Ransom
        Boats of the United States Navy 1960                                                   Floating Drydock
        Crash Boats (Vols. 1 & 2)                                                                      Dave Linley & Terry Holham
        Crashboat – The Wartime story of P-399                                              Earl Mc Candlish
        History of RAAF Marine Craft                                                                L. Jubb
        History of RAF Marine Craft 1918-1986                                                G. Pilborough
        In The Devil’s Shadow                                                                          Michael E. Haas
        Lord Stand By Me                                                                                 Don R. Slessler, CWO4
        Pacific Motor Boat – April, 1944                                                           Sue Hitchman
        Pacific Motor Boat – June, 1944                                                           Robert Clark
        PT Boat Squadron                                                                                Angus Konstam
        PT Boats at War                                                                                   Norman Polmar
        Sea-Borne Deception                                                                           John Dwyer
        Serve to Save (SAAF Crash Boats)                                                      Guy Ellis
        The Army Air Forces in WWII,
        Services Around the World                                                                   Lester Adams
        The United State Mosquito Fleet                                                          Bob Ferrell
        The War at Sea                                                                                    Roskill
        U.S. Small Combatants                                                                        N. Friedman
        U.S. Army Ships & Watercraft of WWII                                                D. Grover
        U.S. Coast Guard Cutters & Craft of WWII                                           Scheina
10th ERBS website 
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AAF Crash Boat History             
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Fort Miami Historical Society, Mich
PT Boat World
Haggin Museum                                     
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Huckins Yacht Corp.                               
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Joe McCuskers Air Force Base
U.S. Army History & Edu. Center
Louisiana Digital Library                 
U.S. Army Transportation Museum
Miami Heritage Society, Michigan        
U.S. Naval Historical Center
Miami  Shipbuilding Corporation
U.S. Coast Guard Museum
USAF/AAF Crash-Rescue Boat Assn
Glenn Anderson
Randy Cunningham
Jim Jarvis M. Saggerson
 Richard Best John Drain  George Jepson Jr  J. Schmidt Jr.
Greg Bishop Guy Ellis Bill Maloney  R. Schneider
Scott Bennedict  D. Ford   Wayne Mellesmoen Edwin Scott 
G. Blackman  Bob Frankovich Bruce Miley  Milton Seagraves
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T. Carroll     Ken Hunter  Louis Risolio  L. Vosloo 
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Bill Clingempeel  A. Jacks  Al Ross Ed Wood
      J. Zimmerman