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There is a Search Box above the top left of the databe to search by name.  Click on the "eyeball" at the left of the individual record to see the full record. You can click on a column heading to sort this list by that category; clicking again will sort it the other diriection (A-Z or Z-A). Many of the names with "Date Unknown", or “Before” dates, and places are based on information received from the Air Force Military Personnel Center. They do not release such information to the public. Ancestry.com was the internet link to much additional information. To add or edtit people, please download the Crew List Data Form  and after you complete it to the best of your knowlege, save it to your computer and submit it either by email or US Mail to the addresses on the form.
Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons
   1st ERBS   Was based in the Mediterranean
  2nd ERS      No boats, OA-10A Catalinas assigned to the 5th Air Force in 7/44
  3rd ERS      No boats, 12 OA-10A Catalinas assigned to the 5th Air Force
  4th ERS      No boats, OA-10A Catalinas assigned to the 20th Air Force
  5th ERBS    Saw duty in European waters, then sent to the Pacific 7/45
  6th ERBS    Was assigned to the 5th Air Force in the Pacific, Okinawa
  7th ERBS   Was transferred from India to Okinawa 8/45
  8th ERBS    Was based in the Mediterranean., apparently overlapping the 1st ERBS
  9th ERBS   Don’t know anything about them.
10th ERBS    Was based in Alaska and all the Aleutian Chain, to the Kurilr Islands
11th ERBS    Was based in to Eastern Caribbean.
12th ERBS    Was based in The Caribbean, the west coast of Panama, and part of S. America.
13th ERBS    Was based in California and Hawaii
14th ERBS    Was assigned to the 5th Air Force, along with the 2nd ERBS in the Pacific
15th ERBS    Was assigned to the 13th Air Force in the Pacific.
22nd CRBS   Was assigned to Korea, Japan, and the Pacific during the Korean War.
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Records: 1 to 50 of 1663
Actions Last Name   First Name Branch M.O.S. Boat #1
View Abbott Ralph USAF
View Adair Earl Jr.
View Adams Charles USAF Radio Operator 63 Ft.
View Adams George Jr.
View Adams James
View Adams James Jr.
View Adams John AAF
View Adams Lester Jr. USAF
View Adkinson Robert AAF
View Aga Harold
View Aho Francis
View Albright Archie
View Aldrich Lewis Jr.
View Aldrich Norman
View Aldrich Unknown AAF P-11
View Alexander Franklin USAF R-1-652
View Alisch Albert
View Alombro Jerry
View Altman Frank AAF
View Ambrose USAF P-358
View Ames Wayne
View Ancona Joseph AAF
View Anderson Mechega
View Anderson Paul
View Anderson Stanley
View Anderson Walter
View Andrews Gordon
View Appel Bernard
View Appleby Raymond AAF
View Archer Alton
View Archuleta Joseph
View Arguelles Miguel
View Armentta Theodore USAF R-1-667
View Arrant H USAF Seaman P-499
View Arrington Joseph
View Aslanidis Charlie
View Atkinson Julius
View Austin Decator
View Austin Robert
View Autry Robert
View Axelson Wayne
View Babcock J. AAF Skipper P112 (4/45)
View Bach Carl AAF P-11
View Bach Edward
View Bailey Harry AAF
View Bailey Leon
View Bailey Robert
View Bain James USAF Engineer R-1-664
View Baisley Floyd
View Baker Carl
Records: 1 to 50 of 1663
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