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This manual covers the operation and routine maintenance of the Hall Scott Defender, Model 2268 & 2269 engines. These were the standard engines in 63 ft. rescue boats and were also installed in some of the 104 foot boats as well. They had a reputation of being very rugged engines. The manual was provided courtesy of Randy Cunningham, owner of the 63' crash boat P-619. See Photos and Missions for pictures of his beautiful boat.
Uploaded: 2 September 2017
This manual covers overhaul procedures for the Hall Scott Defender engines. This manual was also provided courtesy of Randy Cunningham of the P-619
Uploaded: 24 August 2017
This is the Parts List for the Hall Scott Defender engines, models 2268 and 2269. It was extracted from the overhaul manual to reduce the file size for better downloading performance.
Uploaded: 24 August 2017