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15th ERBS, Pacific
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July, 1944 through DEC 1944 - This file includes a unit history from its formation in Los Negros, including a list of skippers and their boats. Also includes personnel rosters, promotions, arrivals/departures of personnel, monthly reports, and several interesting rescue incidents. Unfortunately the text is of poor quality and hard to read; the officer that wrote the reports badly needed a new ribbon or typewriter. Larry Caldwell's microfilm was scanned by Mike Voisin at Army Air Forces Collection, "Crash Boat Squadron Records: History of Crash Boat Squadrons, File A0926, Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama" (item 000880), AAF Collection, http://AAFCollection.info/items/list.php?item=000880 (accessed 6 Sep 2017).
Uploaded: 7 September 2017
April through July, 1945, 87pages Many rescue and patrol reports, some hard to read due to poor quality originals, many are very legible. Some personnel reports.
Uploaded: 12 August 2023
This unit was involved in the Western Pacific and Luzon Campaigns. Reports cover the period of August, 1945 through 1949. Early on there is a report of the celebrations on hearing of the surrender of Japan. Also recommended procedures for a pilot ditching near a submarine. This officer was definitely padding his report of little action. Generally the text quality is pretty good, although there are stretches where he needed a new ribbon in his typewriter.
Uploaded: 7 September 2017