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Collections Policy

I (d/b/a/ U.S. Crash Boats) recognise that gifts of photos, stproes, stories, etc. can enrich the quality and range of the website. I value such gifts but determining the retention or disposition of the gifts is at my sole discretion. In many cases the donated material will not be added to the website for a variety of reasons, which may include, but is not limited to: duplication of existing or very similar materials, poor physical condition of the gift, or the materials do not fall under the collection scope or time period of the website,
The primary focus of the website is the period crash boats were in military service. While there is some coverage of their use after their militatary service, coverage of their later use is very limited.  To post current photos on the internet it is best to contact the boat owner and post to their website or Facebook page. However, I am very interested in learning of the current location of any remaining boats, any changes in ownership, or if they are donated to a permanent museum.
Submission of photos constitutes, on the part of the person submitting the photos to the website, unlimited consent to use the photos for non-commercial purposes. Submitted photos may, or may not be used on the website at the website owner's sole discretion.