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Small Boats, Groups 1 & 2

Small Boats  - Group One
The following, although with separate design numbers, were considered to be one basic group of boats. The 24 ft. boat was a Chris-Craft civilian design. Assorted small boats of 38 feet and under were used in inland waters:
Boat Type                             Design No.            No. Built                            Length
38ft Rescue Boat                        388                        48                                    38’
36ft Rescue Boat                        382                      102                                    36’ 
31ft Rescue Boat                        387                        30                                    31’  10”
24ft Rescue Boat                        326                        60                                    24’
18ft Swamp Glider (Airboat)       415                       107                                   18’
TOTAL BOATS                                                       347  
Boats in the Forties - Group Two
Design 385 and 221 – 45 & 42ft boats for use in inland and coastal waters were considered to be a second group. Their combined total production was 163 boats. They were recreational boat designs drafted for war time use. The 42 ft. boat was twin screw, designed  by Owens Yachts as Design 221 and built by both Owens and Chris Craft, although Chris Craft primarily built Higgins boats.