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There is a Search Box above the top left of the databe to search by name.  For best results search by only the first few letters of a name. In many cases these names come from typewriter lists that are not very clear and may be mis-spelled. Click on the "eyeball" at the left of the individual record to see the full record. You can click on a column heading to sort this list by that category; clicking again will sort it the other diriection (A-Z or Z-A).Once you have a last neame, or a list of possible last names (ex: Mc) you can sort that list by first name to speed your search.  Many of the names with "Date Unknown", or “Before” dates, and places are based on information received from the Air Force Military Personnel Center. They do not release such information to the public. Ancestry.com was the internet link to much additional information. To add or edit people, please click to download the Crew List Data Form  and after you complete it to the best of your knowlege, even if you only can add a little information, and save it to your computer and submit it either by email or US Mail to either address on the form. The form takes a little time to download. If you have problems with the form, go to the Contact Us page and send me an email with the information you have.
The list of Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons has been moved to the History of Crash Boats. Boat squadrons on the individual's listing are listed with their theater of operation in the table below.
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Records: 301 to 350 of 3022
View Detail Last Name   First Name Branch M.O.S. Boat #1
View Brown Warren Brownie) AAF
View Brown Wesley
View Brown William
View Browning Bertrum
View Broxson Edward AAF
View Broxson Houston
View Broyles D USAF R-1-684
View Bruhn Herbert
View Brumfield R (Tom)
View Brunaugh Benjamin AAF OSS P-564
View Bruner Kenneth AAF Radio Operator P-217
View Brunstad Unknown
View Bryan James
View Bryant Homer
View Bryant K AAF
View Bryant Leroy Navy CBMM/2c C-9443
View Bryant William
View Buben George
View Bubiar Ernest USAF Engineer
View Buck Howard Jr.
View Buck Orlando
View Bucklew Junior AAF 927th Boat Co.
View Buckley Charles AAF A/B Seaman
View Buckley Morton AAF
View Buford Charles
View Buford Junior AAF A/B Seaman
View Bulger John AAF
View Bullock Floy AAF Skipper / Master
View Bunch Harold USAF R-1-667
View Bundrock Clarence (Bunny) AAF Skipper / Engineer
View Bunn Henry AAF Engineer
View Burchfield Louis
View Burdette Douglas
View Burdziak Edmund AAF Medic
View Burgess Harold AAF
View Burgess James AAF
View Burkart Raymond AAF OSS P-563 (2/45)
View Burkett Jesse USAF
View Burl (Kirk) Kirk (Burl) AAF
View Burnaugh Benjamin AAF OSS P-564 (1/45)
View Burnett Clarence AAF
View Burns Charlie AAF
View Burns Cornelius AAF 927th Boat Co.
View Burns Robert
View Burrage Royce
View Burroughs Kenneth
View Burson Robert
View Bush Forrest
View Bush William
View Bush William USAF R-1-684
Records: 301 to 350 of 3022
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