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There is a Search Box above the top left of the databe to search by name.  Click on the "eyeball" at the left of the individual record to see the full record. You can click on a column heading to sort this list by that category; clicking again will sort it the other diriection (A-Z or Z-A). Many of the names with "Date Unknown", or “Before” dates, and places are based on information received from the Air Force Military Personnel Center. They do not release such information to the public. Ancestry.com was the internet link to much additional information. To add or edtit people, please download the Crew List Data Form  and after you complete it to the best of your knowlege, save it to your computer and submit it either by email or US Mail to either address on the form.
The list of Emergency Rescue Boat Squadrons has been moved to the History of Crash Boats tab to the left to make searching easier.
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Records: 401 to 450 of 2380
View Detail Last Name   First Name Branch M.O.S. Boat #1
View Cook Jessie
View Cooke Wilmer AAF Oiler P-496
View Cooley John
View Cooley Richard AAF
View Cooper Albert
View Cooper Ralph AAF
View Copeland Robert AAF
View Corbitt Joseph
View Corder James AAF
View Corey E USAF R-1-652
View Cornell Harlan USAF
View Corvagna Charles
View Cosby John AAF
View Costello Nicholas Jr AAF
View Cowan William
View Cowart James
View Cox Carl USAF
View Cox Rufus AAF
View Cox Samuel
View Coy Howard USAF Radio Operator R-1-664
View Craig Gene AAF
View Craig Norman USAF Seaman
View Craig Robert
View Cramer Charles
View Cranston John AAF Skipper P-406 (7/45)
View Crawford John USAF
View Crawford Vernon
View Creamer Charles AAF
View Credle William
View Cremins Robert AAF Skipper P-440 (7/45)
View Crenshaw W USAF R-1-684
View Crisp Berlin USAF
View Cristyino Frank AAF
View Crompton Wilson
View Cronk Milton
View Cross Alfred AAF
View Cross J AAF Skipper P-496
View Croston James Jr.
View Crotts Arvil AAF
View Crowekk, Jr Charles AAF
View Cruea Floyd AAF
View Culligan ???
View Culp Ross AAF
View Culver Lloyd AAF
View Cummings Avery USAF
View Cummings James AAF
View Cummings Wesley
View Cummins H USAF R-1-684
View Cunningham Kenneth
View Currier Edwin
Records: 401 to 450 of 2380
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